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Electronic Invoicing Mandatory: make it with EDIEL

In line with the new 2018 Budget Act, Ediel is working on its EDI platform, named E-Integration (operated by Tesisquare), to allow its members to be compliant with the obligation of Electronic Invoicing. 

Therefore, Ediel companies that use our EDI service will not have to change anything in their ERP systems, as it will be the E-Integration platform to be interfaced with the SDI (“Sistema Di Interscambio”). 

The obligation will start for all the resident companies, established or identified in the territory of the Italian State starting from January 1st 2019

For some companies, and in particular for the sale of gasoline intended to be used as motor fuels and for subcontractors of the public administration, the obligation will start instead from July 1st 2018

We remind you that Ediel is working with the “Agenzia delle Entrate”, MoF and Sogei (SDI) in order to share technical, operational and process rules that can be implemented within the “Circular letter” of the Director of the “Agenzia delle Entrate” which should be published soon. 

We also inform you that Ediel will organize information seminars on the subject.